What is the Sharks Member Council?

Established in August 2015, the Sharks Member Council is an exciting new initiative that allows the club to work alongside our proud Sharks Members to create a Membership program that reflects their values and passion. The Member Council meets every other month to discuss current issues, review progress on existing Member projects and work with the club to drive greater Member engagement.

What is the Purpose of the Council?

  • To ensure that Members play a key role in the decision making on the  future direction of the club
  • To establish a forum to allow Members to communicate directly with the club
  • To ensure the club can better understand the issues that most effect and concern our Members
  • To improve the two way communication between the club and our Members
  • To provide greater transparency in the decision making process at the club

What is the Role of a Council Member?

  • To communicate issues and concerns from Members to the club
  • Provide feedback to the club on all parts of the Member experience to help us achieve improved satisfaction levels
  • Act as a Membership advocate to help drive awareness of the Membership program
  • Identify growth opportunities within the community and assist the club in their growth and development programs



Peter Kennedy – ET Lower Member        Michael Solari – ET Lower Member

Peter Moroney – Platinum Member         Brad Foyle – CSSC Member

Mel Hilton – Peter Burns Member           Ben Johnson – ET Upper Member

Nicole O’Connor – Platinum Member       Kathryn Matthew – Black, White & Blue Member

Gareth Brown – CSSC Member               Lynette Gannon – Peter Burns Member

Marty Gully – CSSC Member                  Simon Benstock – GA Family Member

Jo Goudie – Chairmans Member             Mark West – Platinum Member

Helen Baxter  – GA Family Member        Matt Crosby – Platinum Member

Rebecca Ayers – ET Lower Member        Kieran Haydon – Peter Burns Member


Do you have some feedback you would like passed on for discussion at our Member Council meeting? Email members@sharks.com.au