What is FINS?

Women in male-dominated areas often feel like it’s not really “their” space. This sense of feeling like an outsider can affect your confidence, willingness to participate and sense of belonging. So sometimes we need to find ways to work past this way of thinking and challenge the status quo. We all have the right to feel connected, be included and belong to something bigger than ourselves.

We want to create a space where women feel their purpose and feel heard in our community where women will feel equal, safe, connected and empowered.

FINS is a social network which will provide female supporters with a safe, comfortable and engaging environment where they can talk about the Sharks, support the club they love and socialise with other like-minded women.

FINS is:
• Fun
• Social
• Family
• Fair
• Authentic
• Inclusive
• Open
• Celebrating successes
• … it’s like a night out with your girlfriends

It is about driving change, being community leaders and creating greater engagement for women within our sport with the aim of being the best social network for women who love sport across Australia.

You can connect with FINS for free as a Cronulla Sharks Member. Simply complete the form below to join!

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This is a closed group and you must sign up as a FINS Member in order to be accepted to the group.

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Date: Saturday August 18
Time: TBC
Where: ET Members Bar (at the north-western corner of the stadium)
Cost: FREE for all FINS Members
Details: Join us at our very first FINS event.

Date: Sunday, September 2
Time: TBC
Where: Aqua Room, Leagues Club
Details: More details to come.