PointsBet Stadium Conditions of Entry

The following conditions of entry will apply to all Stadium patrons.

These conditions should also be read in conjunction with the conditions of sale appearing on each ticket which may vary from the Stadium’s Conditions of Entry from time to time.

Refusal of Entry

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons, Stadium management reserves the right to:

  • Refuse entry to any persons deemed to be intoxicated and / or disorderly;
  • Refuse entry to any unauthorised persons;
  • Refuse entry of items which have the potential to cause injury or public nuisance (i.e. large flags / banners, musical instruments etc.);
  • Refuse entry to any person who purchases an event ticket from an unauthorised source or from a ticket scalper.

General Conditions

 Stadium reserves the right to inspect / search bags of all persons who enter or exit the Stadium, regardless of size. This may include the touching of the outside of the bag and / or seeking assistance of the bag owner to remove items from the bag;

  • Persons gaining unauthorised access to the Stadium and / or the venue’s arena may be liable for prosecution;
  • Patrons who cause a disturbance, or refuse to comply with requests made by Stadium staff will be evicted from the Stadium;
  • A patron must not attempt to conceal their identity, either at the point of entry or while inside the venue. Cronulla Sharks will respect cultural differences and medical conditions, but reserves the right to either refuse entry, or remove anyone who covers their face with a helmet, balaclava, mask, scarf, etc.;
  • Any person who attempts entry or is found to have entered the Stadium after being issued with a current Banning Notice will be subject to prosecution and possible further penalties;
  • Alcoholic beverages cannot be taken into or from the Stadium by patrons;
  • Smoking on the premises is prohibited (inclusive of e-cigarettes and other nicotine delivery products); Pass outs will be provided to patrons wishing to utilise external smoking areas only;
  • Customers wishing to bring personal items into the Stadium do so at their own Cronulla Sharks will not be held responsible for any damages to, loss or theft of a patron’s personal property;
  • Umbrellas may be brought into the Stadium but for the comfort of others should not be put up; For safety reasons, strollers and prams are not permitted into the Stadium’s seating area; Unauthorised soliciting and customer surveying is not permitted;
  • Customers are not permitted to throw any objects around or within the Stadium;
  • Some sporting and other activities are Customers viewing such activities do so at their own risk;
  • Patrons wearing or otherwise displaying inappropriate or unauthorised commercial, political, religious or other offensive images, logos may be denied entry into the Stadium or asked to remove such items prior to entering the venue;
  • For the safety and security of patrons and other Stadium occupants, closed circuit television cameras are in use at this venue;
  • Individuals found to be engaging in unauthorised promotional or commercial activities in and adjacent to the Stadium will be requested to immediately cease such


Restricted / Prohibited Items

The following restricted / prohibited items are not permitted into the Stadium:

  • Glass or cans;
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Commercial Fast Foods (eg McDonalds, KFC, Subway etc) Flares / Fireworks; weapons, explosives or smoke bombs; Laser pointers;
  • Knives or other dangerous weapons;
  • Cameras and Recording devices (for commercial purposes) including tripods;
  • Metal flag poles, extendable flag poles and / or flag poles of more than 1.4 metres in length;
  • Whistles, hooters and horns. Specific conditions may apply for some events regarding the entry of musical instruments including drums;
  • Confetti or shredded paper;
  • Scooters, roller skates, skateboards and push bikes;
  • Electronic cigarettes (e-cig or e-cigarettes), personal vaporisers, electronic nicotine delivery systems, or other battery powered vaporisers are not permitted to be consumed anywhere in the Stadium other than in the venue’s designated smoking areas;
  • Patrons are not to wear or otherwise display commercial, political or other offensive signage or logos;
  • Eskies and bags of larger dimensions than 35cm in height, 20cm in width and 30cm in length (i.e. too large to be stored under a seat);
  • Unsealed bottles or bottles that exceed one litre in capacity;
  • Other items as determined by Stadium management that may cause injury or public nuisance.

Please note that the above Conditions of Entry may vary between events.

Oversized Flags and Banners

  • Patrons wishing to bring oversized banners and flags are restricted to the team supporter areas outside of the seating area;

Liquor Licencing

All persons entering the Stadium are advised that:

  • They are entering licenced premises;
  • Intoxicated or drug affected persons will not be permitted to enter;
  • Persons in possession of liquor or illicit drugs will not be permitted to enter;
  • Checking procedures will apply to prevent persons possessing liquor or illicit drugs from entering; Intoxicated and drug affected persons will be removed from the premises;
  • It is an offence for minors to purchase and consume liquor;
  • It is an offence to purchase liquor for (or supply liquor to) minors or persons who are intoxicated;
  • Persons supplying liquor to minors will be reported to the Police and penalties apply under the Liquor Act 2007.

Dress Standards

  • Corporate Hospitality areas of the Stadium will be subject to dress codes with a higher minimum standard than required for general admission to the As a guide, smart casual attire is the minimum standard required for Corporate Hospitality areas.
  • As a minimum for general admission, patrons must be appropriately clothed for a public place and must wear shoes. Patrons with bare feet will not be permitted entry.

This policy was last updated on August 2nd, 2019.